Nexus: Our Story So Far

With a highly innovative team consisting of some of the greatest young minds in South Wales, we have developed one of the fastest-growing complete online marketing agencies in the country.

Already having worked with reputable brands within the UK and in Spain, we will continue to build on our current client base, gain further knowledge within our industry and deliver even further comprehensive results for our valued customers.

In the years to come, we aspire to be a truly globally renowned brand, helping businesses achieve their goals by helping them harness the power of online marketing.

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Our Services

Social Media Management

Social media is hands down the best way to market your business. Including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, all businesses need a presence on social media. We manage your accounts, create your content and interact with your customers to ensure your business maximises its online influence.

Web Development

A great-looking, fully functional and interactive website will be your most powerful asset. A poor website can divert people away from your business for multiple reasons - they may not trust your website, maybe it doesn't fully explain your product or service or perhaps it doesn't function in an efficient way.

Social Media Advertising

The most in-depth, accurate and most cost-effective advertising in the world. With unrivalled insight, statistics and cost per lead, social media advertising is more powerful than magazine, radio, poster campaigns and everything else because of the targeting capabilities at your disposal.

Email Marketing

Your email list should be high on your agenda. Whether you're selling a product or service, looking to achieve more pre-bookings or want to reward your loyal customers. Email marketing is essential in 2018 and we help create your content and manage your campaigns for you.

Graphic Design

Every business owner wants to be proud of their company's image - we help companies develop high-quality branding, from logos to social media images, banners to posters and menus to flags. A better-looking brand is a more trusted brand.

Video Production

Videos are fundamental to social media. They encourage more engagement compared to still images, they help businesses tell their story more efficiently and you're able to be very creative. Our team are experts in video production and animation.

Who we work with

Take a look at just a few of the businesses we’ve worked with:

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